In the spring of 2016, Public Service Artists Guild hosted a one week collaborative residency at EBC High School connecting the student body government with teaching artists. The project started as a challenge to the student government to create a large scale mural in the schools cafeteria which embodied the hopes, aspirations, and desires of the entire student body. Without any trained artists in the group, the students first had to reach out to experienced artists to help them bring the concepts to fruition. The students picked artists Kristy McCarthy, Danielle Mastrion, and Spanish Muralist El Nino de las Pinturas. After collaboration had been organized, the students then had the daunting task of creating a mural that was not just aesthetically pleasing, but also represented the voice of the very students they represent (the student body).  The creation of the mural was a dynamic exercise in student governance, starting with the elected student government reaching out to the entire student body for input on the content of the mural. Through surveys and interviews with students, the student government compiled source information which would serve to inform the centrally located mural. They collected quotes, images, and themes which were synthesized into a cohesive image which was designed and painted under the mentor-ship of artists Kristy McCarthy, Danielle Mastrion, and El Nino de las Pinturas. The end result is a mural which was painted by 3 artists and 12 student leaders, yet designed by over 500 students democraticaly. The student government leading the project not only learned about art, but how to transfer agency back to the students who had elected them.