In 2016, Australian painters Rowena Martinich and Geoffrey Carran participated in a one month PSAG residency in New York City. The artist residency was a fully immersive community collaboration in which the artists painted murals at two NYC Public Schools, EBC High School for Public Service, and Dos Puentes bi-lingual elementary school in Washington Heights. The artists were inspired by guided tours of New York City's Bronx Zoo by Urban Ecologist Jason Alosio PhD, where they gathered ecological source material on North American bird species. Their final mural designs featured the Quaker parrot; a parrot native to South America and is now the only parrot species which maintains a large wild population in NYC. To Rowena and Geoffrey, the birds represent the quintessential spirit of New York, the story of the proud and thriving immigrant. 

In addition to painting murals at Dos Puentes Elementary and EBC High Schools, Rowena and Geoffrey also presented a two person show at XY Atelier Gallery in Manhattan. The show featured a selection of their most recent works painted in Melbourne, as well works created during the residency.