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Dear Friends,

We started Culturework almost three years ago, on our own dime, because we wanted to create something that we had never seen before.  Since our first issue was released in May 2017, we’ve compiled a body of work that makes us very proud. Culturework isn't only an arts and literary magazine, it's a community. We’ve published over 50 pieces from contributors around the world, and we’ve built a growing global audience.
More importantly, we’re realizing our mission by facilitating radical dialogue, incubating new ideas, and amplifying crucial voices. You never know exactly what you will find on the page, but you can trust Culturework to add something important to your day, whether that’s joy, hope, knowledge, or an exciting new perspective.

What will we do with the funds?

  • Keep the lights on

    • Help us maintain our website and domain

  • Upgrade our website

    • A new, more streamlined and more beautiful page to showcase our work and strengthen future grant applications

  • Transition to providing an honorarium for our hardworking contributors

    • Artists and activists need to eat, too, and it has been our long term goal to compensate our contributors for the time and energy they share with us

You make a contribution though this page!


Write us a check! We save on fees, you can make it out to PUBLIC SERVICE ARTIST GUILD with a note for CULTUREWORK. Email us for sending details.:

Thank you for your consideration and ongoing support of Culturework Magazine’s mission!

You will receive a downloadable tax exemption to your email following your donation. *PSAG is a registered 501(c)(3). *All donations are tax deductible. *All projects will be assessed both quantitatively (empirical data) and qualitatively (anecdotal data), tracking the projects impact the individuals and their community.

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Dear Culturework Community,

We hope that if you have been inspired by Culturework Magazine, you will consider donating to our campaign.

With appreciation,
Culturework Magazine Editors